~ Meet Chef Sam ~


Chef Samuel Cambridge graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hype Park, New York.  Chef Cambridge brings over 25 years of culinary experience. Before entering into his field of study, Chef Sam’s love for food started with learning the art of Caribbean cuisine at a young age learning from his mother who also had over 30 years’ experience as an Executive Chef and Pastor in Trinidad and Brooklyn N.Y.  Chef Sam’s extensive experience in many cuisines makes him one of the top performers in his field. He has won many awards and food skill competitions due to his unique cooking style. 


Upon moving to Atlanta, Chef Cambridge has worked with some of the top brass of the culinary field. His exceptional style of cooking as allowed him to work under the leadership of two renowned Chefs, Executive Chef Gary Mennie, and    

Executive Chef Bhvash Patel. This is where he mastered his ability to become a Subject Matter Expert in American and Indian cuisine. Chef Cambridge along with his wife are the owners of My Season Catering & Events, LLC located in Atlanta, GA.  Under his leadership, he delivers a higher quality of food to his clientele who understands the market, the great need for expert flair and taste. Chef Sam undoubtedly has a proven track record and the freedom of expression in his cooking that gives him pleasure to make great food that will entice his patrons and leaves them wanting more.  #ChefLife